Wiwu ivista privacy protector



It also gives maximum protection for your iPhone screen:
This privacy anti-spy screen protector would keep your screen from daily small scratches, shocks, bumps and smudge and it is recommended using with a phone case for more efficient protection.

The iPrivacy HD Anti-Peep Tempered Glass screen protector:
can be used for any public occasions as the 28 degree anti-spy angle, better anti-spy performance, keeps your personal private information hidden from strangers. The screen of the phone is made visible only to persons directly in front of screen while people on both left and right side can only see a black screen.

It is made of premium tempered:
glass with 9H hardness for scratch-resistant which will protect your phone screen from minor drops, accidental bumps and daily wear and tear.

This Ultra-thin 0.25mm:
tempered glass screen protector can maintain the original response sensitivity, bringing you a perfect touch experience.

Clean the Screen Protector iPhone 13 pro Max with the wet wipe if your screen protector came with one:
Some tempered Glass screen protectors come with both wet and dry wipes. Use the wet wipe to wipe off the entire screen of your phone if it came with one, or move on to the dry wipe. Make sure to remove any old tempered Glass or any other protector covering the screen before you clean it.

Wipe off the Screen Protector For iPhone 13 pro Max with the microfiber cloth that came with the tempered Glass:
Tempered Glass screen protectors usually come with a dry lint-free microfiber cloth for cleaning the screen. Pull the dry cloth out of the package and wipe down the screen of your phone to remove lint and dust. If your tempered Glass screen protector didn’t come with a microfiber cloth, you can use one that came with a pair of glasses if you have one. The cloths that come with nice sunglasses, for example, are the same kind of lint-free cloth.

Peel off the protective layer from the adhesive side of the Glass:
Determine which side of the Glass is the side that sticks against the screen. Then, starting in one corner of this side, peel away the protective layer to expose the adhesive part of the Glass.
Some tempered Glass screen protectors will be labeled with stickers that tell you which part to peel off first, while others are curved downwards so they fit around the screen. Look for indicators like these to determine which side should be placed against the screen. Most tempered Glass screen protectors work the same, but it’s a good idea to always read the instructions that came with yours first to make sure you follow the correct procedure.

Align the Screen Protector For iPhone 13 pro Max with your phone screen:
Use both hands to hold the tempered Glass by the edges at the top and bottom.

Use the lint-free cloth to wipe away any air bubbles from the center outwards:
Think of this as “sweeping” the air bubbles out from under the screen. Some tempered Glass kits may provide other tools, like a small flat piece of plastic, to wipe away are bubbles. Follow the instructions for your kit to use any additional tools.

Scratch resistant.
Full screen coverage.
Double strength edge.
9H Surface hardness.
Smooth glass touch.
Easy to install.
Full Cover Privacy Screen


11 pro max, iphone 12 pro max, Iphone 13 6.1", iphone 13 pro max 6.7", iPhone 14 pro max 6.7", iphone 14" pro 6.1", Xs max

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